Creating Jewelry

Creating Jewelry

Creating Jewelry

I have always wanted to make jewelry. Even as a kid, I would string things on yarn, put things on key rings, and wonder about how they put the chain links together. Something so simple, yet not know how tiny links are not broken in the process.

So, when I started to make jewelry a few years ago, it looked like an impossible task, especially since I learned macramé first. Macramé are knots you make with long strands of continuous strings, like friendship bracelets. Something I would start out first, is an eye pin or post pin. These are what I’m making for most of my  jewelry now. I love making it, and it gives a sense a pride with everything you can put on them. I have made so many different forms of jewelry, but this one might be my favorite.

You can use as little or as much supplies as you want, as long as you have some of the basics down. First, what do you want to make from them? Are they going to be like the earrings I make, keychains, necklace? Asking these questions make a huge difference in the process, before you go to buy what you need. Of course you need the needles, but having 3 pairs of jewelry pliers will do the bending job to make it something you can hang. A needle nose, round nose, and wire cutters do the trick. I’ve seen so many other things online for tools, but these have worked just fine for me. I’ve tried to use only a needle nose, but it didn’t get me very far. I would struggle and drop things, instead of having a graceful and fun experience.

I decided to share with you my journey in the last few years of my jewelry making. I started out with yarn, and worked my way up to different textures, then beads. It’s been fun. I’ve really come a long way from yarn. Here are some pictures of different projects. Ps. Sorry about the quality. I tried my best to edit them, but camera phones have come a long way from they are now.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

Bye for now,



Planners, Stickers, Creativity, Productivity, and so much fun!

Planners, Stickers, Creativity, Productivity, and so much fun!

Behind this lady, is many planning techniques. I have always had planners, in one way or another, in my adult life. I can remember something, but unless I write it down, it will slip my mind that second. They tend to require sticky notes as a main source of paper, and some kind of pages to put them on. Here are what keep me sane on any given day:

  • Planners: They have grown from homemade, to something pretty, with intentions to invest in. I like to have things organized in different parts of daily life. Tomorrow might need something completely different from today. I love how they can be as versatile as you need them to be. I have made some out of a nice calendar cover, and even gutted a diary for new uses.

What I have right now are some of my new and favorites. I’m a little bias, but investing in one, even for $10, can be more fulfilling than something you put so much hard work in to. The black and white one I got from my mom last Christmas. It’s from Agenda 52, and is a loved brand of mine. The first thing I did was personalize it. It’s something I tend to do to make sure I use it, hence why I make things for them. I have made different layouts for it throughout the 8 months I’ve had it for. I have had inserts, gotten a planner 6 hole paper puncher for what I might want to put in it later, taken things out, and put more stuff in. 6 rings are pretty much endless, when you have a puncher. My other one is from Happy Planner. I have just gotten this one for this blog. The girlies are some of my favorite themes from them. You can’t have a planner without their sticker books and sticky notes. I tend to lean on this brand for those things more than not. Their stuff is always of quality, and on point for some reason. I like the disks for personalization, and the purpose of sizing. This one is a mini notebook, and came with mini disks. I bought the expander ones, since I wanted to put the sticky note pages together with it. I also bought the dividers for more space to put other sticky notes on with double stick tape. I like having things in one place, and the sizing works in that favor. I can’t do that with the 6 ring binger, but I like that this one is different for what I need it for.

This is my Agenda 52 planner:

My Happy Planner:

  • Stickers: Stickers are a must for me! I have all kinds of stickers, from floral, to inspirational. Stickers are like pick-me-ups; They help send the message you want to get across, and even make things bold, if you want something to pop out for you. This can also be done for sticky notes, but that will be my next point.

Pages look dull, and need encouragement, so this is one of the many tactics I go with. I have no idea how much money I have spent over the years on stickers, but they are worth every penny. I have been starting to store them in these red plastic totes from the Dollar Tree, so I know what to reach for when I need something specific. They are like your other secretary, telling you what you have to remember in front of you. I also use them on things like my laptop. It looks pretty, but looking at it makes me appreciate it more. My phone has a clear cover on the pack to protect the stickers for my daily smile.

  • Sticky notes and Stationary: If a planner isn’t something I would use at the time, I always have an abundance of sticky notes and stationary. Sometimes, I don’t need a layout to plan, and just need a piece of paper. I also use them as layouts in my planner. I like them to be pretty and stick out. If things don’t stick out, I tend not to remember they’re there. If I could have one thing to plan with, it would be sticky notes and stationary.
  • Storage: Storage is a huge thing, when you like to plan creatively like I do. My mom gave me a floral container to put all of my stuff in for Christmas as well, and have been organizing it slowly since. I have mentioned those red plastic bags before from the Dollar Tree, and they are perfect for these little things. I have one for my new Happy Planner stuff I just bought with my new planner, and another one for the odds and ends that don’t really belong in a category in my accordion folders. The accordion folders are my projects I have slowly been working on. I decided I need to organize my stickers in relevancy, since they all come in different layouts in their packages. It makes sense, when you want to find that one things, but don’t want to flip through everything to get it; That’s what I’m doing. Putting the things you use most in the planner itself is also a huge time saver.
  • Color: Color is probably my biggest use for planning. When everything meshes together in one color, I tend not to look at it. It all looks like too much of a task. Color coding is much easier for the eyes to process what is written down. A to-do list is always done in different colors for each task. It really does look like one big list, instead of each individual thing. The same goes for everything else. When it’s customized to your liking with bright and bold colors, it’s also easier to use. It’s personalized the way I like it, from the paper, to the sticky notes, to the stickers, to the planner itself. Everything I do, I make sure I use for the sake of not procrastinating as much, down to the scissors on my desk.

My planner storage, colors, and all that makes things fun:

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I hope you had as much fun reading this, as I did making it.

Bye for now,

Always, Jenni

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