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Welcome, Homebodies, to my Craft Store and creative blog!


Hello! This is my jewelry ecommerce and creative lifestyle blog for those who share the love of such a lifestyle, and for those who are curious about one.

Also, I live and breathe a creative lifestyle. It was only a matter of time before I shared it with the world. If you can put a personal spin on something, then I can, hopefully, help.

Together, my blog is how I share my stories, and my store is where “sharing is caring” really comes to light. I love to share, teach, and listen.

-Jenni Kaeder

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These drop earrings were made with metal allergies in mind. I have metal allergies and went looking for an alternative online. I found plastic drop earrings to build on, and purchased them instantly. This is where sharing-is-caring comes in.

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I love accessorizing with keychains. A while ago I bought a huge thing of tassels, just to put them on everything! I love spreading the love!

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I have gone through so much stationary and so many planners, I decided to start making my own. I didn’t realize how big of a difference my world has changed, when something is customized to my needs. I hope it helps you, too.

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, Home, Creating Jenni

Making Time To Create.

I have been getting burnt out, just from having a blog. This post will tell you all about it, and give you some tips I have used to make time to create.

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