Creating Content: What It’s Like Being Creative.

Creating Content: What It’s Like Being Creative.

Creating Content: What It’s Like Being Creative.

Being creative can be a blessing and a curse. It can help you in times of need or times where you don’t want to need it. You can sit around all day and think you’re being productive. At the same time, you’re a master procrastinator. 

Creative Pros

First, I love being creative. Usually it’s an introverted thing. I like to spend my days inside crafting, creating, making things.  I think we are the mysterious ones. the ones who can make things out of nothing and everything, all at the same time. Need a hat? We can make you one. Have a cat? We can make one for them too.

Naked cat in sweater with mad face.
Since I’m chronically ill, it’s an everyday task to be creative. I make lists on lists, and have been looking for the perfect app for all of these lists. You won’t catch me without my favorite fountain pen and some sort of paper in front of me.      
A bowl of noodles with notes and a fountain pen. and a small container of crumpled notes, on a laptop keyboard.

Creative Cons

Second, it’s just as much of a curse to create. My apartment is one big craft tornado chaos. If you walk in, you’ll know exactly where I work. My kitchen table has my laptop on it with all of my stationary and planners. The con about this, is that my memory doesn’t allow me to stop this chaos of planning. Another one is the hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms. It’s a very small hallway. Georgie likes to hang out in the bathroom the most. She likes to chew on plastic buckets and baskets in the sink, and don’t remember the last time I used that sink. So, I do my crafts in the middle of the shallow hallway so I can be bird sat. This is when she needs to keep an eye on me at all times and I’m not allowed to leave that spot. Evidently, my roommate hates that spot, because he has to step over not only me, but the creative chaos all around me. I think every crafter has a problem with putting things away. I’m always working on something and never want to put anything away. I know I’m coming back to it, and my brain agrees, but it’s not always a good idea to have sewing needles on the floor with a sewing project.

What I do about this…

All things have to end eventually. Unfortunately, this includes my creative chaos. At the same time, this is where the creative chaos comes in. I use my crafts to create solutions. A knitted loom hat upside down can be a basket pouch. Just putting my earbuds and something cute makes me want to put it away. Another, cinch bags are some of my favorites to use for small things. Markers and colored pencils are neatly placed away with tall cinch bags. I loom knitted a pencil case and sewed a zipper on top. These cinch bags order my pens from my highlighters so nothing drowns in everything else.

Highlighters and pens in cinch bags, on top of a knitted pencil case, and notebook with camera and butterfly stickers peaking from underneath.

Have you ever gone into a Dollar Tree? This is the only place I get organization from. Things like buckets and baskets that are also chewed up from my bird, are great to utilize in your work areas. I just put my sewing essentials in a shallow basket, since those are the things I carry around the most.

During the Valentine’s Day holiday, I grabbed a few of these tiny buckets with a sealed lid for garbage I might have on the floor from the chaos. They’re perfect for tiny threads that can stick to your socks, or sticky notes you don’t want to get up to put in the garbage just yet. I got one last year to put laundry quarters in, but had to wait another year to get a few more.


I hope this helps a little bit with your own creative chaos.


Sewing Hacks:

Sewing Hacks:

I love some good life hacks. So, I decided to give some of mine to you.

  • Rubber Bands: Rainbow loom rubber bands have been quite handy for my organization of string. It helps things from unraveling, and can be put on just about anything that needs such a thing. I also like that I don’t have to waste products from coming undone, and having to throw them away. I keep them with me in my handy box.

Ps. The bobbins are kept together with straws, with safety pins at the ends.

  • Fun Box: What do you keep in your fun box? What are the essential things you need at hand for your sewing projects? I like to keep many types of these things around me for various purposes. They really make a huge difference, when different projects have different needs.
  • Needles: I don’t know about anyone else, but I struggle with where to put needles. I think I found just the right things to put them in for me. The sewing needles are in a loose tea strainer. I love that I can not only see the tops of them, but also feel how sharp they are. Different projects need sharpness, and others need something a little more dull.

The other ones are in a pot holder. I liked that it was minimal, and can fold it in half, so they don’t poke you as much. I topped it off in the back with an adorable button to keep it closed. A magnet is always a good idea to have around for needles. If it isn’t in the umbrella, I put it in the tea cup, and have the magnet hold on to it until I’m ready. It makes for an easier find, and nicer on the feet.

  • Minimal Compact Organizing: My thing for a while is to compact like items in bags, and not containers. It makes more sense for the little things, instead of toting something bigger. I found these red plastic bags at the Dollar Tree, and have fallen in love. I’ll end up buying a bulk box of 48 count, and making a post of those. For now, I have 12.

Makeup bags are so much fun! I have many, and prefer to use those any day. I love the pretty ones that make me smile, every time I see it. I make sure to get those ones. I went to Hobby Lobby, and had finally gotten the canvas pencil case I’ve been eyeing for a long time. The big one in the picture is so spacious, I have used it for many different things. Plastic bags with labels are another go-to for such organizing. It helps condense, and you know exactly what’s in it, without flipping through everything. Personalization is what gets me wanting to clean.

  • Oven mitts: I don’t have anything to lay my projects on, so I had to figure out how to not struggle with the thread and fabric. I came up with an oven mitt. It’s sturdy, and can be held nicely in your lap, as well as on a table. I have a clip in this picture, but I also use pins. Anything to make a tedious task a little less of a hassle.
  • Personalize: I like things to look pleasing to the eye. My mom gave me a sewing box many years ago. It looked bulky with the containers I had in it. I like that I have things on hand on top, and something to just grab when I need them. When something gives a sense of pride, I take care of it more. I put things back, as neat as I originally had it. Pins, stickers, pretty things from thrift stores, make a world of difference in the craft experience you want to achieve.

I hope this gives someone what they need, as much as I have needed it, and not realize how important it really was.

Bye for now,

Always, Jenni


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