Slate Chalkboard Organization.

Slate Chalkboard Organization.

My roommate has had these food serving slates, and haven’t used them in a couple years. So, I asked for them as chalkboard reminders. I ended up getting some chalk, and started on my journey of things to pick up around the house, with the reminders in a couple places.

I looked for different kind of slates this week online, and found some fun coasters. I was at Walmart for chalk, when I found a two pack of coasters. I was super excited. Regular chalk doesn’t work on slates, but the liquid pens look so good on them.

Going to Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite pleasures in life. I found some blackboard clothes pins on clearance for .49, and picked out 2 packs of 4. Along the way of finding my roommate, I found some really pretty pastel liquid chalk pens. They stand out in the room, so it really helps to see something with a bright color contrast.

The flower vase is placed on my living room coffee table, so it is always starring me down, when I look at the time, or admire the bouquet.

I hope this was a good post, leave a comment what you think of it.

I realized, I should just think about what topic I want to write about on the weekend, instead of worrying it throughout a 5 day period. I like to post things that are relevant to my life at the moment. Creativity is always relevant, so it isn’t too hard for me to come up with something different. It was fun to think about, and show the ways I’ve been using my slate reminders around the house.








Organizing, and the things I use to do them:

Organizing, and the things I use to do them:

  • I love a good list: Grocery lists, daily lists, appointments, needs, wants…Anything that gets me through the day. I use various types of sticky notes, stationary, utensils, textures, colors. I like when things stand out, and make sure I am able to the task at hand.
  • I love my planner! My mom gave me one for Christmas last year, and I loved it too much. It has pretty homemade folders, tons of sticky notes in the business card section, stationary, and inspiration before the weekly pages.
  • I like to change how I use my memos all the time: I need something different in moments that might not have made sense from yesterday. This image is my recent change. I liked that I highlighted my usual things in pink, and added sticky flags to remove when done with them. I also love that I have a list of different departments. I made it out to be the layout of Walmart. I start on the left, then make my way around to the food. Frozen and fridge stuff would be dethawed, if I did it the other way. Craft section and clearance isles get the best of me. I might not get anything, but it sure is fun to look.
  • I like to use things that appeal to me: A teacup with my things to sew, just make sense. I taped the cup to the saucer with heavy duty double stick tape, and wrapped it with some mesh. These are the things that make me happy. I don’t need to go out and buy containers all the time. Organizing on a budget, usually means I continuously recycle what I have around the apartment.
This image is of a tea cup on a saucer, with sewing needles, embroidery scissors, string conditioner, and a threader.
  • Don’t be afraid to use kids’ toys: I love my Dollar Tree broom. It gets behind the toilet, under the table better, and that space between the oven and refrigerator. You might be surprised by what you might need, but in a smaller version. I didn’t realize it was a toy, until I took it to the register…
I use a broom and pan baby toy for the little spaces a usual broom can't go in.
  • Book rings might surprise you: They sure did sneak up on me. Another Dollar Tree find, since I didn’t want things to always be in a container of some sort. So, I put my rubber bands on them, my rainbow loom bands (sometimes you just need a tiny rubber band), safety pins, and even as a keychain. I bought a pack at one place, and didn’t realize I had another size at another. I loved it though. Rainbow looms take up a lot more room than one might think.
Book rings are nice for things you didn't realize you might not want in a box.
  • Bulldog clips are one of my favorites: They can be used for anything you decide they need to be on. Cereal bag? Do it. Keeping a book open? Put it on. Need to hang something? Use the hole to hang, and the clip to hold what you want it to be. They really are that fun.
I use bulldog clips for everything.

I’m pretty sure this is going to have a more than just one page. I love giving the advice I have to others, just to make their life a little easier as well.

Bye for now.

Always, Jenni.

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