Creating Jewelry

Creating Jewelry

Creating Jewelry

Creating Jewelry

I have always wanted to make jewelry. Even as a kid, I would string things on yarn, put things on key rings, and wonder about how they put the chain links together. Something so simple, yet not know how tiny links are not broken in the process.

So, when I started to make jewelry a few years ago, it looked like an impossible task, especially since I learned macramé first. Macramé are knots you make with long strands of continuous strings, like friendship bracelets. Something I would start out first, is an eye pin or post pin. These are what I’m making for most of my  jewelry now. I love making it, and it gives a sense a pride with everything you can put on them. I have made so many different forms of jewelry, but this one might be my favorite.

You can use as little or as much supplies as you want, as long as you have some of the basics down. First, what do you want to make from them? Are they going to be like the earrings I make, keychains, necklace? Asking these questions make a huge difference in the process, before you go to buy what you need. Of course you need the needles, but having 3 pairs of jewelry pliers will do the bending job to make it something you can hang. A needle nose, round nose, and wire cutters do the trick. I’ve seen so many other things online for tools, but these have worked just fine for me. I’ve tried to use only a needle nose, but it didn’t get me very far. I would struggle and drop things, instead of having a graceful and fun experience.

I decided to share with you my journey in the last few years of my jewelry making. I started out with yarn, and worked my way up to different textures, then beads. It’s been fun. I’ve really come a long way from yarn. Here are some pictures of different projects. Ps. Sorry about the quality. I tried my best to edit them, but camera phones have come a long way from they are now.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

Bye for now,



Dollar Tree Lady’s Plastic Bags:

Dollar Tree Lady’s Plastic Bags:

These bags are one of my favorite things to brag about. It sounds quite silly, but they are a huge help in organizing, and can even see what’s in them!

I told my mom once, I am a clear kind of girl. We were picking out storage bins, when I saw there were clear options. If I don’t see what is in something, I’ll forget what’s in them. That’s why these are the perfect kind of organizers. I can see what is in them, and even know what they are. They seem small, but they are pretty big in what they hold. I’ll just have to show you:

My purse bag: I love having an organized mini backpack. We have been wearing masks, but I would have enjoyed to wear lippies on the go in here. I have Raynaud’s Syndrome, where my extremities are almost always cold. I have my hat and fingerless gloves that fit perfectly in it, and with so much more room for anything else.

My mini backpack purse bag is always organized with a red bag.

Stickers and embellishments: These have come in handy for these loose things I use in planning. I have coupon accordion folders for specific subjects, and love how I have something just as compact for the things that don’t have homes.

My red bag in my planner container is so nice for the loose things to have a home.

Sewing: It’s kind of nice to see what kind of colors are available for embroidery floss, and know it isn’t in a big container, or a darker bag. I also like how a bulker box fits snuggly.

Medicine Closet: I tend to miss where I put things in my super deep linen closet. I had boxes to put things in, but I couldn’t see in the boxes. These were just what I needed to solve the issue. They don’t have bulk or a top to misplace, but a zipper to still keep what needs to be closed in. (Tall things are the exception.)

Beauty: I had just shown my makeup box, but didn’t show my nail polish. A container didn’t make sense for me, since they are heavy and fall everywhere, even with a closed top. It’s so nice to have them a little more compact, and a zipper to not spill everything out. (I forgot to make this look nicer on the inside, but I love how the details came out in editing.)

My nail polish and accessories bag.×675-in/275747

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