Creating a Blog!

I started my blog 2 months ago, and it hasn’t come without surprises.  This post is about taking you through the process of my experience with a website, and how I got to writing about it.

Building a website, creating something I am proud to show off, needing to transfer my domain from GoDaddy to WordPress, having to rebuild all over again…I guess you could say I have had my work cut out this month. I started a blog, after realizing I needed a different purpose on a daily basis. I have heard for years how I should put my ideas and crafts on the internet, so that is exactly what I did; I didn’t know what I was getting into. I have a lot of computer skills, and knew the craft was there if I wanted to dive deeply into unknown territories. Growing up with computers really has their benefits.

What caught me off guard, was the pricing of so many different fees for services. I think that would have been a great heads up for someone who wants to create a website. You need subscriptions for Emails, your domain name, the website host you decide to use, and even the little things you might not have thought about. I have a subscription for a collage making app. Money is something to think about, if this is what you might want to look into.

Things add up every month just for services. I transferred my domain to WordPress, when GoDaddy proved not to be blog friendly like I needed it to be. I had already built the website for a month, and didn’t know I was about to create everything from scratch. It takes a lot of time to make something you want to be proud of. It has taken more time to set this one up, since it has more room to work with in terms of different setups. I had to pay $96 up front for the annual subscription. I have had to learn the hard way about how people put annually in the little print, when it says how much it would be a month.

All of this truly adds up, when you go for those loops. With such a tight budget, I ended up cancelling my YouTube Premium subscription, just to make sure I have a future small business going. I haven’t registered Creating Jenni as a small business yet, but know if I want to continue down the profitable path, it’s something I’ll have to do. That is a whole other of loops and fees, I’ll have to prepare for.

My mental health has really gone down a spiral, taking on such a huge responsibility of community content. This post is being published on a Monday, because I’m struggling to find balance in my newly busy life. I started off with Sundays, since that is what I naturally would land on for my deadline goals. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but in the last month, since I had to re-due my website again, the content isn’t what I want it to be. Last week was simple and short. It was nice to write a piece like that, but it wasn’t my best work. The makeup piece was something that took a while, but am not sure about that quality either.

Life is nice working from home, but it takes a lot more practice from day to day tasks. Cleaning has always been a hard thing for me to do, since I’m disabled, but making a space that needs to be functional, is harder than it seems. I have a podium in my kitchen as a desk, a whiteboard with a magnetic calendar on it, and other things that are cute but also functional.

If you live with a child, or in my case, a bird, it might be a little more challenging. The demand of your job (and not getting paid at the moment for more than a full time gig), with someone else demanding your attention, is quite a juggle. I love my shoulder bird, but my hands are no longer on her head, and her needs are that much more. I’m not including looking for another job to pay for this one, finding another apartment, and needing a new phone to support all of my video appointment apps.

It has certainly been a bigger mountain than I thought it would be, but getting the hang of it, is truly the start of a long road. Behind the scenes of getting things out there to an audience, and finding brands to work with, is the next fork in the road.

I hope this helps anyone else who wants to go down a website and/or blog road. I couldn’t find things like this for me to foreshadow someone else’s. This is also just the tip of my growing iceberg.

If you have any questions, I’m here. Everything goes to my email, which I check often as well.

I hope this helps.

Bye for now,


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