Creating eCommerce: In A Blog

Creating eCommerce: In A Blog

I have been way too quiet in the last few weeks. It gave me time to relax from all that burn out from the last post, and gave me the means to do something entirely different. I CREATED AN ECOMMERCE!

I have been wanting to talk about it, but empires take patients (I have been saying that to some customer service people lately, and I love how uplifting it sounds.) I needed to somehow make some money with all the services I use on here, and want to keep up with. So, a store with my crafts just makes sense.

I tried doing something like this on Ebay a few years ago, but I didn’t have the right mindset or resources to continue. At this moment, I have a better head on my shoulders to create a blog 3 times in 4 months, and this time it’s for adding a store. I needed to be ready to sit down and type, and actually want to do it.

I love telling stories. I have always been a storyteller, even as a kid. So, when I made this blog, I had so much to say, and I still do. That’s a cool part about blogs; there are no rules.

When I needed to take time off with my ball rolling too fast off a cliff, I realized I could sell my crafts. This time, I know I have the determination to make it work.

So, when I found someone in a Facebook group with her own resources and guidance to give, things just fell into place. We have been talking for a few weeks now, and are working on getting me set with her online app. It’s everything I need, and paying for what I need for now. Her name is Melissa, and here is her information in case you would like to check it out. I highly recommend it. Mentors in any way is one of the big things that help keep you going. Everything in numbers.

As the weeks have gone on, I made an Etsy, and lately, my website store. I wasn’t sure what I was going to sell, but knew I wanted to start something to be proud of. I have been following many successful bloggers, and loved the printouts they gave. I have a couple hundred pages of printouts, and am not ashamed. The first two things I put on Etsy were printouts. I don’t know how well they will sell, but I like the idea of helping another with my own resources.

I looked on Amazon for earring kits, since that was something I knew I could easily make, and not get sick of. I found a sea theme, and instantly put it in my cart. I have metal allergies, and found plastic drops. I like the idea of selling something other people can enjoy without wanting to scratch their ears out. The next thing I needed were tools. I have a couple mini pliers, but I needed something that would help, and not have to drop them constantly. I didn’t know I needed a round needle nose until I got it. Life got so much easier with my jewelry making craft. It’s now my favorite tool I own.

Getting my website set for a store was a bit of a learning curve. When I switched to another platform, it was to include ECommerce. I had to rebuild a theme to include a store, and think about how I want to look in a professional light. I thought making some things to sell was a giddy reality of knowing how far I’ve succeeded, but learning how to put PayPal in was the tipping point. It said, you can actually sell things now.

I had to find resources to ship the stuff too. I got envelopes and a scale from Amazon, am waiting on my label printer from WooCommerce, and noting how much really goes into it.

My apartment is so dark, I needed a ring light to take pictures. It has been a game changer. Taking pictures is a big part of selling, and editing light in can only do so much. I also have been using it for video calls.

As I get into the good stuff, I will show you pictures of my products.


I already had a ton of jewelry making things, and got excited about the jewelry pins in my kit. I’ve never worked with them before and wanted to, but now I have something that is fail proof for beads. String can slip pretty easily, so I liked the metal option. I will be getting more in the future, in case you are interested in them.

I’m pretty sure you can tell how excited I am about my newest project. Crafts are a huge part of my life, and the passion is already there. I like knowing I’m putting something out there that I love doing. This is where my reason for making a blog comes in. People keep telling me to put my stuff online, so I did.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. I hope you also enjoy what is to come.

Bye for now,



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