Burning Midnight Oil: Me Time

Burning Midnight Oil: Me Time

Burning Midnight Oil: Me time

Are you a morning person or a burning midnight oil owl? I’m known to be a night oil and ask for everything to comprise in the afternoon. Evidently, waking up at 10:30 every day this week was brutal for me. This post is for ones who are curious about what I do with my time, as I burn the midnight oil.

By the way, I can be up till seven in the morning before the thought is going to cross my mind. My energy comes at the end of the afternoon, into the evening. Also, my bird wants to be tucked in from 9:30 to midnight. That’s when I greet the quiet and start working.


Over here obtain a list of what I do during my burning midnight oil time:




Midnight Empire-ing:


First, I work at night when it comes to Creating Jenni. Georgie Bird demands my hands propping her, not typing on a laptop. She gets extremely annoyed when the screen is on, and not dedicating her to my extensive attention.

Some common things are my socialsmy emailsmy start-up business, and other things I’ll be sharing on the list.


Midnight Planning:



I love this weekly planner from Amber Housley. It makes me remember the good, not just the extreme in a business.

Undeniably, there is a special place in my heart for planning. Even using different colors for different things and multiple at the same time.


Midnight Subscribing:


Ever since I started my blog about 4 months ago, I‘ve been subscribing to other bloggers. At first, it was about how to be successful with a blog. Now that I have other needs to look into, I have been getting suggestions from Instagram and Pinterest. Ads know you have been looking at something earlier and make sure you know. Taking advantage of these sometimes and watch for the ads only. I’m going to try really hard not to fangirl, but show their amazing content. 

Here is a sub-list of my email subscriptions:


  • Alison Reeves at alisonreeves.com: A kind spirit, who represents a business and marketing coach.

  • Abby Lawson at justagirlandherblog.com: Represents an impressive lady, who does DIY home.

  • Amber Housley at Amber Housley | Inner CircleIs lovely and vivacious, her website says Branding Marketing Strategy Expert.

  • Chelsea at herpaperrout.com: Represents a trailblazer, who is a content monetization strategist with videos.

  • Jasmine at mismillmag.com: Represents a humble lady, who is a magazine editor that provides blog advice for women on the wise.

  • Divine at ladiesmakemoney.com: A thorough lady, who helps other ladies make money online.

  • Louise at louisehenry.com: Represents a passionate lady, who helps you with the tech side of your business with YouTube.

  • Latasha at artandbudgets.com: Represents a go-getter, who helps with making money at home.

  • Masha at mashplans.com: An adorable lady, who makes a bullet journal as much fun as possible.

  • Rebecca at unexpectedlydomestic.com: A creative soul, who helps with homemaking.

  • Ruth at ruthsoukup.comThe lady who does it all, advises on how to live a freeing lifestyle.

  • Stephanie at handmadebosses.comThe knowledgeable lady, who is all things Etsy on YouTube.

Also, I’ve learned not to take subscriptions for granted. withhold them in their specific folders to look back on for later. You may not need anything at the moment but need it later.

Midnight Printing:


A planner piece of paper with a sprint cleaning list printed on it.

I have been printing out lists from my email on planner paper. I love this spring cleaning list from Abby Lawson.

At length, I take the subscribers’ emails to quite a level; I print everything out they have to offer. I think of blogging as going to college; cramming information down my throat, highlighting key points, and making a book out of them with 3 book rings. Some of them, I print out as books themselves, and some I print out to constantly utilize with me for ordinary reference.

In addition, every email has helped in some way to achieve my goals. Whether it’s from a printout of what they are going through at the moment. It means a lot.

Midnight Streaming:

Particularly, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu…Anything to listen and or watch in peace, without a bird screaming to tell me the video stopped.

Midnight Sewing:

A green leather wallet with embroidery of a camera and a flower going through the lense.

My amateur sewing on my leather wallet. I forgot there are tools for leather sewing…

Generally, I’m always sewing something with floss, especially love to embroider and customize. I don’t know how to use my sewing machine, but I can work a needle with chunky floss.


Midnight Shopping Online


Honestly, does anyone else love shopping online? But it isn’t what you might think, though. It’s usually office supplies, planning suppliesAnything productive. I love supporting small businesses and have realized I need to do it more often. It just makes more sense as a new small business myself.


Midnight Self-Care:


A bald girl with shaving cream on her face.

Done shaving my face. Maybe I was born with it?

On the whole, his one is a little different than what other ladies might do. I like shaving my head at night. Ever since I havedue to Fibromyalgia and having hair hurt, shaving at night is like taking off the stress of the past few days. My head is starting over and so is my stress. I‘ve noticed lately if I shave my facemy acne goes away too. I have notoriously prone skin and am surprised something worked.


Midnight Snacking:

Noteworthy, snacking is important. Even though doctors say not to. Who is not eating 12 hours after dinner till breakfast? That never made sense to me as a child. If you’re starved, eat. By the way, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches remain my favorite personally.


Hopefully, you had fun reading this post, as I did make it. Farewell for now.


-Jenni (Please subscribe!)

(Ps. I used a grammar website.)

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