Creating Content: What It’s Like Being Creative.

Creating Content: What It’s Like Being Creative.

Creating Content: What It’s Like Being Creative.

Being creative can be a blessing and a curse. It can help you in times of need or times where you don’t want to need it. You can sit around all day and think you’re being productive. At the same time, you’re a master procrastinator.

Creative Pros

First, I love being creative. Usually it’s an introverted thing. I like to spend my days inside crafting, creating, making things.  I think we are the mysterious ones. the ones who can make things out of nothing and everything, all at the same time. Need a hat? We can make you one. Have a cat? We can make one for them too.

Naked cat in sweater with mad face.

Since I’m chronically ill, it’s an everyday task to be creative. I make lists on lists, and have been looking for the perfect app for all of these lists. You won’t catch me without my favorite fountain pen and some sort of paper in front of me.

A bowl of noodles with notes and a fountain pen. and a small container of crumpled notes, on a laptop keyboard.

Creative Cons

Second, it’s just as much of a curse to create. My apartment is one big craft tornado chaos. If you walk in, you’ll know exactly where I work. My kitchen table has my laptop on it with all of my stationary and planners. The con about this, is that my memory doesn’t allow me to stop this chaos of planning.

Another one is the hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms. It’s a very small hallway. Georgie likes to hang out in the bathroom the most. She likes to chew on plastic buckets and baskets in the sink, and don’t remember the last time I used that sink.

So, I do my crafts in the middle of the shallow hallway so I can be bird sat. This is when she needs to keep an eye on me at all times and I’m not allowed to leave that spot. Evidently, my roommate hates that spot, because he has to step over not only me, but the creative chaos all around me. I think every crafter has a problem with putting things away. I’m always working on something and never want to put anything away. I know I’m coming back to it, and my brain agrees, but it’s not always a good idea to have sewing needles on the floor with a sewing project.

Another one is the hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms. It’s a very small hallway. Georgie likes to hang out in the bathroom the most. She likes to chew on plastic buckets and baskets in the sink, and don’t remember the last time I used that sink.

So, I do my crafts in the middle of the shallow hallway so I can be bird sat. This is when she needs to keep an eye on me at all times and I’m not allowed to leave that spot. Evidently, my roommate hates that spot, because he has to step over not only me, but the creative chaos all around me.

I think every crafter has a problem with putting things away. I’m always working on something and never want to put anything away. I know I’m coming back to it, and my brain agrees, but it’s not always a good idea to have sewing needles on the floor with a sewing project.

What I do about this…

 All things have to end eventually. Unfortunately, this includes my creative chaos. At the same time, this is where the creative chaos comes in. I use my crafts to create solutions.

A knitted loom hat upside down can be a basket pouch. Just putting my earbuds and something cute makes me want to put it away.

Another, cinch bags are some of my favorites to use for small things. Markers and colored pencils are neatly placed away with tall cinch bags. I loom knitted a pencil case and sewed a zipper on top. These cinch bags order my pens from my highlighters so nothing drowns in everything else.

Have you ever gone into a Dollar Tree? This is the only place I get organization from. Things like buckets and baskets that are also chewed up from my bird, are great to utilize in your work areas. I just put my sewing essentials in a shallow basket, since those are the things I carry around the most. During the Valentine’s Day holiday, I grabbed a few of these tiny buckets with a sealed lid for garbage I might have on the floor from the chaos. They’re perfect for tiny threads that can stick to your socks, or sticky notes you don’t want to get up to put in the garbage just yet. I got one last year to put laundry quarters in, but had to wait another year to get a few more.

Highlighters and pens in cinch bags, on top of a knitted pencil case, and notebook with camera and butterfly stickers peaking from underneath.

Have you ever gone into a Dollar Tree? This is the only place I get organization from. Things like buckets and baskets that are also chewed up from my bird, are great to utilize in your work areas. I just put my sewing essentials in a shallow basket, since those are the things I carry around the most.

During the Valentine’s Day holiday, I grabbed a few of these tiny buckets with a sealed lid for garbage I might have on the floor from the chaos. They’re perfect for tiny threads that can stick to your socks, or sticky notes you don’t want to get up to put in the garbage just yet. I got one last year to put laundry quarters in, but had to wait another year to get a few more.

I hope this helps a little bit with your own creative chaos.


Burning Midnight Oil: Me Time

Burning Midnight Oil: Me Time

Burning Midnight Oil: Me time

Are you a morning person or a burning midnight oil owl? I’m known to be a night oil and ask for everything to comprise in the afternoon. Evidently, waking up at 10:30 every day this week was brutal for me. This post is for ones who are curious about what I do with my time, as I burn the midnight oil.

By the way, I can be up till seven in the morning before the thought is going to cross my mind. My energy comes at the end of the afternoon, into the evening. Also, my bird wants to be tucked in from 9:30 to midnight. That’s when I greet the quiet and start working.


Over here obtain a list of what I do during my burning midnight oil time:




Midnight Empire-ing:


First, I work at night when it comes to Creating Jenni. Georgie Bird demands my hands propping her, not typing on a laptop. She gets extremely annoyed when the screen is on, and not dedicating her to my extensive attention.

Some common things are my socialsmy emailsmy start-up business, and other things I’ll be sharing on the list.


Midnight Planning:



I love this weekly planner from Amber Housley. It makes me remember the good, not just the extreme in a business.

Undeniably, there is a special place in my heart for planning. Even using different colors for different things and multiple at the same time.


Midnight Subscribing:


Ever since I started my blog about 4 months ago, I‘ve been subscribing to other bloggers. At first, it was about how to be successful with a blog. Now that I have other needs to look into, I have been getting suggestions from Instagram and Pinterest. Ads know you have been looking at something earlier and make sure you know. Taking advantage of these sometimes and watch for the ads only. I’m going to try really hard not to fangirl, but show their amazing content. 

Here is a sub-list of my email subscriptions:


  • Alison Reeves at A kind spirit, who represents a business and marketing coach.

  • Abby Lawson at Represents an impressive lady, who does DIY home.

  • Amber Housley at Amber Housley | Inner CircleIs lovely and vivacious, her website says Branding Marketing Strategy Expert.

  • Chelsea at Represents a trailblazer, who is a content monetization strategist with videos.

  • Jasmine at Represents a humble lady, who is a magazine editor that provides blog advice for women on the wise.

  • Divine at A thorough lady, who helps other ladies make money online.

  • Louise at Represents a passionate lady, who helps you with the tech side of your business with YouTube.

  • Latasha at Represents a go-getter, who helps with making money at home.

  • Masha at An adorable lady, who makes a bullet journal as much fun as possible.

  • Rebecca at A creative soul, who helps with homemaking.

  • Ruth at ruthsoukup.comThe lady who does it all, advises on how to live a freeing lifestyle.

  • Stephanie at handmadebosses.comThe knowledgeable lady, who is all things Etsy on YouTube.

Also, I’ve learned not to take subscriptions for granted. withhold them in their specific folders to look back on for later. You may not need anything at the moment but need it later.

Midnight Printing:


A planner piece of paper with a sprint cleaning list printed on it.

I have been printing out lists from my email on planner paper. I love this spring cleaning list from Abby Lawson.

At length, I take the subscribers’ emails to quite a level; I print everything out they have to offer. I think of blogging as going to college; cramming information down my throat, highlighting key points, and making a book out of them with 3 book rings. Some of them, I print out as books themselves, and some I print out to constantly utilize with me for ordinary reference.

In addition, every email has helped in some way to achieve my goals. Whether it’s from a printout of what they are going through at the moment. It means a lot.

Midnight Streaming:

Particularly, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu…Anything to listen and or watch in peace, without a bird screaming to tell me the video stopped.

Midnight Sewing:

A green leather wallet with embroidery of a camera and a flower going through the lense.

My amateur sewing on my leather wallet. I forgot there are tools for leather sewing…

Generally, I’m always sewing something with floss, especially love to embroider and customize. I don’t know how to use my sewing machine, but I can work a needle with chunky floss.


Midnight Shopping Online


Honestly, does anyone else love shopping online? But it isn’t what you might think, though. It’s usually office supplies, planning suppliesAnything productive. I love supporting small businesses and have realized I need to do it more often. It just makes more sense as a new small business myself.


Midnight Self-Care:


A bald girl with shaving cream on her face.

Done shaving my face. Maybe I was born with it?

On the whole, his one is a little different than what other ladies might do. I like shaving my head at night. Ever since I havedue to Fibromyalgia and having hair hurt, shaving at night is like taking off the stress of the past few days. My head is starting over and so is my stress. I‘ve noticed lately if I shave my facemy acne goes away too. I have notoriously prone skin and am surprised something worked.


Midnight Snacking:

Noteworthy, snacking is important. Even though doctors say not to. Who is not eating 12 hours after dinner till breakfast? That never made sense to me as a child. If you’re starved, eat. By the way, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches remain my favorite personally.


Hopefully, you had fun reading this post, as I did make it. Farewell for now.


-Jenni (Please subscribe!)

(Ps. I used a grammar website.)

Creating eCommerce: In A Blog

Creating eCommerce: In A Blog

I have been way too quiet in the last few weeks. It gave me time to relax from all that burn out from the last post, and gave me the means to do something entirely different. I CREATED AN ECOMMERCE!

I have been wanting to talk about it, but empires take patients (I have been saying that to some customer service people lately, and I love how uplifting it sounds.) I needed to somehow make some money with all the services I use on here, and want to keep up with. So, a store with my crafts just makes sense.

I tried doing something like this on Ebay a few years ago, but I didn’t have the right mindset or resources to continue. At this moment, I have a better head on my shoulders to create a blog 3 times in 4 months, and this time it’s for adding a store. I needed to be ready to sit down and type, and actually want to do it.

I love telling stories. I have always been a storyteller, even as a kid. So, when I made this blog, I had so much to say, and I still do. That’s a cool part about blogs; there are no rules.

When I needed to take time off with my ball rolling too fast off a cliff, I realized I could sell my crafts. This time, I know I have the determination to make it work.

So, when I found someone in a Facebook group with her own resources and guidance to give, things just fell into place. We have been talking for a few weeks now, and are working on getting me set with her online app. It’s everything I need, and paying for what I need for now. Her name is Melissa, and here is her information in case you would like to check it out. I highly recommend it. Mentors in any way is one of the big things that help keep you going. Everything in numbers.

As the weeks have gone on, I made an Etsy, and lately, my website store. I wasn’t sure what I was going to sell, but knew I wanted to start something to be proud of. I have been following many successful bloggers, and loved the printouts they gave. I have a couple hundred pages of printouts, and am not ashamed. The first two things I put on Etsy were printouts. I don’t know how well they will sell, but I like the idea of helping another with my own resources.

I looked on Amazon for earring kits, since that was something I knew I could easily make, and not get sick of. I found a sea theme, and instantly put it in my cart. I have metal allergies, and found plastic drops. I like the idea of selling something other people can enjoy without wanting to scratch their ears out. The next thing I needed were tools. I have a couple mini pliers, but I needed something that would help, and not have to drop them constantly. I didn’t know I needed a round needle nose until I got it. Life got so much easier with my jewelry making craft. It’s now my favorite tool I own.

Getting my website set for a store was a bit of a learning curve. When I switched to another platform, it was to include ECommerce. I had to rebuild a theme to include a store, and think about how I want to look in a professional light. I thought making some things to sell was a giddy reality of knowing how far I’ve succeeded, but learning how to put PayPal in was the tipping point. It said, you can actually sell things now.

I had to find resources to ship the stuff too. I got envelopes and a scale from Amazon, am waiting on my label printer from WooCommerce, and noting how much really goes into it.

My apartment is so dark, I needed a ring light to take pictures. It has been a game changer. Taking pictures is a big part of selling, and editing light in can only do so much. I also have been using it for video calls.

As I get into the good stuff, I will show you pictures of my products.


I already had a ton of jewelry making things, and got excited about the jewelry pins in my kit. I’ve never worked with them before and wanted to, but now I have something that is fail proof for beads. String can slip pretty easily, so I liked the metal option. I will be getting more in the future, in case you are interested in them.

I’m pretty sure you can tell how excited I am about my newest project. Crafts are a huge part of my life, and the passion is already there. I like knowing I’m putting something out there that I love doing. This is where my reason for making a blog comes in. People keep telling me to put my stuff online, so I did.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. I hope you also enjoy what is to come.

Bye for now,



Making Time To Create.

I have been away for almost two weeks now. Turns out, it isn’t hard to burn out with a blog. I have been watching webinars, studying the art of blogging for profit, writing notes, and making sure I have what I need to be successful.

The problem, I haven’t been taking the time for myself. I love creating. It’s the one thing that truly makes me happy, but wasn’t doing it. I had to stop everything, and do nothing, just to reflect.

I had bought a ton of stuff to create with at the beginning of the month, and haven’t really touched any of it. So, I started an embroidery project on a pillow. It says, Happy Forever. I’ll have to show you the finished project later. I have happy done, of course, like the armature I am, with ties everywhere.

I had to stop and think about all the wisdom I have received from professional bloggers in my email. I look for bloggers on Pinterest and Instagram, and search for them in the ads. I don’t tend to look at the pictures, if I’m looking for webinars and newsletters.

So, I sat down on my living room floor, scattered the printed pages, and began to read. I took in that wisdom, and wrote in the handouts what I needed to not burnout.

I love my blog, but I need to structure out my days to let myself breathe. A creative lifestyle blog is something I need to advise from.

At that moment, I decided to tell you about what I’m doing to make time for creation:

Embroidery: Sewing takes a lot of time, and that’s what I need. I need time to think about how to get in a healthy routine. My pillow was calling my name for a pretty project, and started covering happy. Watching videos on Pinterest for flower designs was probably my favorite part.

Making lists: Being burnt out, I do what I do best; I make lists. Lists of routines I need to be doing for myself. I found a bullet journal I had gotten from Walmart a few years ago. It was in a book, so I took out the stitches, and put a couple in my Happy Planner.

The journal has days of the week to tick off for tasks, and under them is where I put your tasks for the week. I loved this format so much, I made a variation for you. I put in more rows, since I ran out of space pretty quickly on the other one. I also have different sections of tasks, and thought many rows were a good idea anyway. I hope you like it.

Bing watching: Not touching the website is really hard. I love changing things up, and seeing what kinds of technology is out there for blogs. I usually watch YouTube all day, but I decided to switch it up to Netflix. It takes a lot for me to get into something time consuming, and YouTube is pretty good for the shorter content. This time, Netflix is calling my name, to really take the time to focus on something out of my norm.

I have finished a series called Legacies, am about to finish The Haunting of Bly Manor, and have a secret love affair with all things supernatural.

YouTube has been a picky one lately. Podcasts are getting to me, as I listen to them with my bird. This is when I create my projects, and just hang out. Come Sit With Us is a great one from The Try Wives. If you love to dig in deep about mental flaws, Good For You with Whitney Cummings is another favorite.

Spending time with my bird: I love my bird. She is so sweet. She is also like a child, who needs your attention at every second of the day. So, I have spent many days serenading her with YouTube Music. Singing and switching up the words, makes her melt every time. Any song with the word love in it, is a great song. I tend to listen to a lot of 90s music for this reason. I wonder if she was a Backstreet Boy fan in another life.

Animals are a great way to settle down with, when things are a bit hectic. She has her little personality quirks that just make me laugh. Hanging out in the bathroom, her favorite room, made things extra special.

The daytime is for Georgie. Being a night owl myself, I do better burning the midnight oil. She went to bed early, and I got so much done! It’s the time I am most creative, and productive. It’s my favorite time of the day. A cup of tea, something to listen to, and anything to keep my hands busy.

Create yourself: Have you ever just sat down, and played with makeup? Maybe it’s been a while, and I need to take the time to do it again. For me, it was this, and shaving my head bald. Hair hurts with fibromyalgia, and has been gradually getting shorter for about 10 years. I shaved it 2 years ago, because it hurt too much to have it. This time, I don’t want the maintenance of my hair. I love my curly hair, but it was annoying to have. I like rubbing my bald head, and knowing there isn’t hair to get in the way of massaging it.

I have been taking the time to go on Amazon to look at plastic earrings to compliment my new hairdo. I’m allergic to metal, and thought it was a great idea to look up plastic instead. My skin doesn’t like to have metal on it, and the idea of alternatives is a nice thought.

Without hair, I don’t need to maintain products, and can focus on other confident boosting avenues. Like the earrings, I love scarves. Scarves and mascara are the perfect accessories to a bald head.


What is a good way for you to not cause burnout? How do you make time to create?

Bye for now.



Creating a Blog!

I started my blog 2 months ago, and it hasn’t come without surprises.  This post is about taking you through the process of my experience with a website, and how I got to writing about it.

Building a website, creating something I am proud to show off, needing to transfer my domain from GoDaddy to WordPress, having to rebuild all over again…I guess you could say I have had my work cut out this month. I started a blog, after realizing I needed a different purpose on a daily basis. I have heard for years how I should put my ideas and crafts on the internet, so that is exactly what I did; I didn’t know what I was getting into. I have a lot of computer skills, and knew the craft was there if I wanted to dive deeply into unknown territories. Growing up with computers really has their benefits.

What caught me off guard, was the pricing of so many different fees for services. I think that would have been a great heads up for someone who wants to create a website. You need subscriptions for Emails, your domain name, the website host you decide to use, and even the little things you might not have thought about. I have a subscription for a collage making app. Money is something to think about, if this is what you might want to look into.

Things add up every month just for services. I transferred my domain to WordPress, when GoDaddy proved not to be blog friendly like I needed it to be. I had already built the website for a month, and didn’t know I was about to create everything from scratch. It takes a lot of time to make something you want to be proud of. It has taken more time to set this one up, since it has more room to work with in terms of different setups. I had to pay $96 up front for the annual subscription. I have had to learn the hard way about how people put annually in the little print, when it says how much it would be a month.

All of this truly adds up, when you go for those loops. With such a tight budget, I ended up cancelling my YouTube Premium subscription, just to make sure I have a future small business going. I haven’t registered Creating Jenni as a small business yet, but know if I want to continue down the profitable path, it’s something I’ll have to do. That is a whole other of loops and fees, I’ll have to prepare for.

My mental health has really gone down a spiral, taking on such a huge responsibility of community content. This post is being published on a Monday, because I’m struggling to find balance in my newly busy life. I started off with Sundays, since that is what I naturally would land on for my deadline goals. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but in the last month, since I had to re-due my website again, the content isn’t what I want it to be. Last week was simple and short. It was nice to write a piece like that, but it wasn’t my best work. The makeup piece was something that took a while, but am not sure about that quality either.

Life is nice working from home, but it takes a lot more practice from day to day tasks. Cleaning has always been a hard thing for me to do, since I’m disabled, but making a space that needs to be functional, is harder than it seems. I have a podium in my kitchen as a desk, a whiteboard with a magnetic calendar on it, and other things that are cute but also functional.

If you live with a child, or in my case, a bird, it might be a little more challenging. The demand of your job (and not getting paid at the moment for more than a full time gig), with someone else demanding your attention, is quite a juggle. I love my shoulder bird, but my hands are no longer on her head, and her needs are that much more. I’m not including looking for another job to pay for this one, finding another apartment, and needing a new phone to support all of my video appointment apps.

It has certainly been a bigger mountain than I thought it would be, but getting the hang of it, is truly the start of a long road. Behind the scenes of getting things out there to an audience, and finding brands to work with, is the next fork in the road.

I hope this helps anyone else who wants to go down a website and/or blog road. I couldn’t find things like this for me to foreshadow someone else’s. This is also just the tip of my growing iceberg.

If you have any questions, I’m here. Everything goes to my email, which I check often as well.

I hope this helps.

Bye for now,


Dollar Tree Lady’s Plastic Bags:

Dollar Tree Lady’s Plastic Bags:

These bags are one of my favorite things to brag about. It sounds quite silly, but they are a huge help in organizing, and can even see what’s in them!

I told my mom once, I am a clear kind of girl. We were picking out storage bins, when I saw there were clear options. If I don’t see what is in something, I’ll forget what’s in them. That’s why these are the perfect kind of organizers. I can see what is in them, and even know what they are. They seem small, but they are pretty big in what they hold. I’ll just have to show you:

My purse bag: I love having an organized mini backpack. We have been wearing masks, but I would have enjoyed to wear lippies on the go in here. I have Raynaud’s Syndrome, where my extremities are almost always cold. I have my hat and fingerless gloves that fit perfectly in it, and with so much more room for anything else.

My mini backpack purse bag is always organized with a red bag.

Stickers and embellishments: These have come in handy for these loose things I use in planning. I have coupon accordion folders for specific subjects, and love how I have something just as compact for the things that don’t have homes.

My red bag in my planner container is so nice for the loose things to have a home.

Sewing: It’s kind of nice to see what kind of colors are available for embroidery floss, and know it isn’t in a big container, or a darker bag. I also like how a bulker box fits snuggly.

Medicine Closet: I tend to miss where I put things in my super deep linen closet. I had boxes to put things in, but I couldn’t see in the boxes. These were just what I needed to solve the issue. They don’t have bulk or a top to misplace, but a zipper to still keep what needs to be closed in. (Tall things are the exception.)

Beauty: I had just shown my makeup box, but didn’t show my nail polish. A container didn’t make sense for me, since they are heavy and fall everywhere, even with a closed top. It’s so nice to have them a little more compact, and a zipper to not spill everything out. (I forgot to make this look nicer on the inside, but I love how the details came out in editing.)

My nail polish and accessories bag.×675-in/275747

What’s in my makeup box:

It’s been a long week, and am starting this at 2am on Sunday, the day I am supposed to be posting this blog. Georgie had been very needy, and haven’t been able to get anything done. I’ve been up till late hours, trying to catch up on emails, creating a twitter account, and anything else that requires maintenance.

I thought my makeup box would be an easier topic, but I was quite wrong. I didn’t realize that I should be making an intake of every product, and that doesn’t include the pictures and collages I love to make as visuals.

So, this is my makeup:

The Box: I love my hat box. I had gotten it from a thrift store, and have used it for various things, but love the makeup in it the most. The red bags are quite a common theme on my blog from Dollar Tree. They really are some of the best things I use for storage. A glance, before diving in.

These are pictures of what is in my makeup ox, the top of the box, and the top of my makeup brush pencil case.

Eyeshadow Pallets: I am all about creating, and that also categories confidence. My favorite is eyeshadows; I can put on one color to feel good for the day, or sit down, and play for a while. I tend to make a look on each eye, then take it off for bed. Colors are a big thing for me, since they set moods, and eyeshadow is perfect for that. I have been picking out specific colors on Amazon for the exact mood I’m looking for; lately, it’s been purples and pinks. I got what I needed for purples, but the pinks in a pallet had broken, and took that as a sign to find something a little more encouraging for my pink search. I don’t like to keep things I don’t use, so this is my small stash of fun. Looking for pallets with certain colors, makes a huge difference in knowing if I’ll use them, instead of just going out and buying something on trend. Getting something that just came out is super fun, but for me, it isn’t usually practical on a super tight budget. (Pictured: Tati Beauty, Hard Candy, Colour Pop, Urban Decay, Wanqi’u Hongfeng, Remmel, Ulta Beauty, Milani, Revlon)(Ps. It makes me so sad, when pallets fall on the floor and shatter.)

These are all of the pictures of my eyeshadow pallets. They are displayed as open and closed.

Single Eyeshadows: I like knowing I can buy something very specific, when it pops out. I might see something that catches my eye somewhere, and pick it up. This is what happened with my midnight blue. (Pictured: Maybelline Color Tattoo Trailblazer)(Ps. I love how the photo touching got the color and texture just perfectly out in this shadow.)

This is my single eyeshadow by Maybelline Color Tattoo Trailblazer.

Highlights: I like to use eyeshadow along with my highlighters. Anything that makes me feel pretty. They can be nice for shadows too. Sometimes, one color for the day can just be a highlight. (Pictured: Younique a la mode, Ulta Cosmetics)(Ps. Another sad, broken piece.)

This picture is of my 3 highlighters: 2 Youniques and an Ultra Cosmetics.

Eye Primers: I have dabbled in a few of these wonderful things, since my hooded lids can make everything a mess. It can really make a difference with textures of all kinds, when blinking makes everything fall out. (Pictured: Amazing Cosmetics, Nyx Glitter Primer)(Ps. The tip broke off, and this tiny baggie fit it perfectly at the bottom.)

Eye primers area must for my very hooded eyes.

Mascara: I have super long, natural pixie lashes. It’s nice to dress them up by really make things dramatic, and tie everything together. My favorite is the Wet N Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara. With drama in the lashes, it goes a long way with different colors. I would like more color variety, but I really like when the mood calls for something bold. (Pictured: Wet N Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara, Wet N Wild Colored Mascara, Hard Candy Be Bold Color Mascara, Hard Candy Bold Glitter Mascara)

Lipsticks: I love dressing my lips. I haven’t been able to show them off this summer with the mask thing lately, but have promised myself, I need to start caring about my confidence again. Even if the bird tries to lick it. It feels good to put something on, and know you can rule the world with anything that makes you smile, and a pretty color to match. (Pictured: Ulta Beauty, LA Colors Shiny, LA Colors Lipstick, Wet N Wild,Almay, Sephora, Motives by Loren Ridinger, Sephora Lipstain, Ick lipstick pallet)

This is my nice variety of lipstick colors.

Lip Liners: This can be an annoying one. I have thin lips, so color can really make them look funny, especially the darker colors. Liners really make a difference on that front. I love my Almay lipstick, but it makes my lips look smaller. A liner can help make the edges a little lighter, and create a better look. They are also great for making more than one color shine. Another pink to match your lip shade, and confidence may soar.

Lip liners are something that can create a whole new look for me.

Blushes and Bronzers: I tend to change color, when I don’t feel good. Blush and bronzer help make me look like I’m not a ghost with a headache. I like that it can bring my face in to its natural long shape, when it decides to have many shapes all day. (Pictured: LA Colors, Nars, Maybelline)

Blush and bronzers can make or break how my face wants to look that day.

Lipgloss: Lipgloss is something I like to put on, if I don’t feel like I want to wear too much color on the lips that day. It can be hydrating with some, when chapstick isn’t enough. I also top off lipstick, or use a gloss to bolden lipstick. It’s one of those things that just makes sense to have in a makeup collection. (Pictured: Smoke and Mirrors from FiveBelow, Revlon, Ulta Beauty, Almay, Elf, LA Beauty)

I love lip gloss. Especially, when they top a nice lipstick

To me, selfies are a way to show my mom my confidence boost for the day; she likes them. (Ps. I don’t touch up photos to make myself look better, but for the makeup to look better. Complexion varies for the different makeup colors.):

These are my makeup selfies I give to my mom. I also snuck one in there of my bird taking a selfie.

Organizing, and the things I use to do them:

  • I love a good list: Grocery lists, daily lists, appointments, needs, wants…Anything that gets me through the day. I use various types of sticky notes, stationary, utensils, textures, colors. I like when things stand out, and make sure I am able to the task at hand.
  • I love my planner! My mom gave me one for Christmas last year, and I loved it too much. It has pretty homemade folders, tons of sticky notes in the business card section, stationary, and inspiration before the weekly pages.
  • I like to change how I use my memos all the time: I need something different in moments that might not have made sense from yesterday. This image is my recent change. I liked that I highlighted my usual things in pink, and added sticky flags to remove when done with them. I also love that I have a list of different departments. I made it out to be the layout of Walmart. I start on the left, then make my way around to the food. Frozen and fridge stuff would be dethawed, if I did it the other way. Craft section and clearance isles get the best of me. I might not get anything, but it sure is fun to look.
  • I like to use things that appeal to me: A teacup with my things to sew, just make sense. I taped the cup to the saucer with heavy duty double stick tape, and wrapped it with some mesh. These are the things that make me happy. I don’t need to go out and buy containers all the time. Organizing on a budget, usually means I continuously recycle what I have around the apartment.
This image is of a tea cup on a saucer, with sewing needles, embroidery scissors, string conditioner, and a threader.
  • Don’t be afraid to use kids’ toys: I love my Dollar Tree broom. It gets behind the toilet, under the table better, and that space between the oven and refrigerator. You might be surprised by what you might need, but in a smaller version. I didn’t realize it was a toy, until I took it to the register…
I use a broom and pan baby toy for the little spaces a usual broom can't go in.
  • Book rings might surprise you: They sure did sneak up on me. Another Dollar Tree find, since I didn’t want things to always be in a container of some sort. So, I put my rubber bands on them, my rainbow loom bands (sometimes you just need a tiny rubber band), safety pins, and even as a keychain. I bought a pack at one place, and didn’t realize I had another size at another. I loved it though. Rainbow looms take up a lot more room than one might think.
Book rings are nice for things you didn't realize you might not want in a box.
  • Bulldog clips are one of my favorites: They can be used for anything you decide they need to be on. Cereal bag? Do it. Keeping a book open? Put it on. Need to hang something? Use the hole to hang, and the clip to hold what you want it to be. They really are that fun.
I use bulldog clips for everything.

I’m pretty sure this is going to have a more than just one page. I love giving the advice I have to others, just to make their life a little easier as well.

Bye for now.

Always, Jenni.

Sewing Hacks: Sharing Is Caring

Sewing Hacks: Sharing Is Caring

Sewing Hacks: Sharing Is Caring

I love some good life hacks. So, I decided to give some of mine to you.

Rubber Bands: Rainbow loom rubber bands have been quite handy for my organization of string. It helps things from unraveling, and can be put on just about anything that needs such a thing. I also like that I don’t have to waste products from coming undone, and having to throw them away. I keep them with me in my handy box.

Fun Box: What do you keep in your fun box? What are the essential things you need at hand for your sewing projects? I like to keep many types of these things around me for various purposes. They really make a huge difference, when different projects have different needs.

Needles: I don’t know about anyone else, but I struggle with where to put needles. I think I found just the right things to put them in for me. The sewing needles are in a loose tea strainer. I love that I can not only see the tops of them, but also feel how sharp they are. Different projects need sharpness, and others need something a little more dull.

The other ones are in a pot holder. I liked that it was minimal, and can fold it in half, so they don’t poke you as much. I topped it off in the back with an adorable button to keep it closed. A magnet is always a good idea to have around for needles. If it isn’t in the umbrella, I put it in the tea cup, and have the magnet hold on to it until I’m ready. It makes for an easier find, and nicer on the feet.

Minimal Compact Organizing: My thing for a while is to compact like items in bags, and not containers. It makes more sense for the little things, instead of toting something bigger. I found these red plastic bags at the Dollar Tree, and have fallen in love. I’ll end up buying a bulk box of 48 count, and making a post of those. For now, I have 12.

Makeup bags are so much fun! I have many, and prefer to use those any day. I love the pretty ones that make me smile, every time I see it. I make sure to get those ones. I went to Hobby Lobby, and had finally gotten the canvas pencil case I’ve been eyeing for a long time. The big one in the picture is so spacious, I have used it for many different things. Plastic bags with labels are another go-to for such organizing. It helps condense, and you know exactly what’s in it, without flipping through everything. Personalization is what gets me wanting to clean.

Oven mitts: I don’t have anything to lay my projects on, so I had to figure out how to not struggle with the thread and fabric. I came up with an oven mitt. It’s sturdy, and can be held nicely in your lap, as well as on a table. I have a clip in this picture, but I also use pins. Anything to make a tedious task a little less of a hassle.

Personalize: I like things to look pleasing to the eye. My mom gave me a sewing box many years ago. It looked bulky with the containers I had in it. I like that I have things on hand on top, and something to just grab when I need them. When something gives a sense of pride, I take care of it more. I put things back, as neat as I originally had it. Pins, stickers, pretty things from thrift stores, make a world of difference in the craft experience you want to achieve.

I hope this gives someone what they need, as much as I have needed it, and not realize how important it really was. 

This is Georgie: My Peach Front Conure

This is Georgie: My Peach Front Conure

This is Georgie: My Peach Front Conure

Although, others might say Peach Fronted. She is also my blog muse. I’ve had Georgie for 5 years, and love her to death. She’s like the biological baby I don’t have. Literally. Birds are like children; they are so smart, they are often compared to toddlers. She is lovely when you get to know her, but it takes time to get trust from a bird. Her daily routines are important, or she will let you know.

At first, a cat wasn’t in the cards for my apartment. One would cost $300 for a down deposit, but I didn’t know my therapist could have wavered that fee…even if a bird was recommended. I researched bird rescues in the area; Craig’s List didn’t seem like a good option, since people wanted a lot of money for them, as a way to say you need to make a lifetime commitment.

Unfortunately, birds are the number one pets rehomed, and a lot never get a forever home. They could be taken to rescue or go from house to house. Instead of educating about birds, they put up a few hundred dollars in fees. My former roommate had gotten a bird from a rescue 45 minutes away. I looked them up online, and found birds who have been there for years. I picked out a bird I thought would be a good fit, and trekked our way to get her the next day.

Georgie’s Gotcha Day

With many months of research on birds, nothing  prepared me for Georgie. Like children, you just need to get your hands dirty to find out about them. When we went to the rescue, and we saw a small room of about 30 cages of birds. I asked this lady, who ran the nonprofit, about the bird I found online. She said that bird wasn’t an apartment bird, and picked out one named Georgie. She was quiet, and needed someone to help her bring out her personality.

Afterwards, we signed a $200 fee for a small bird, but was $400 for a bigger one. Also, we needed a cage, and bought a used one from this lady for $65. The cage went in the car, and Georgie in a taped box for safety. From there, the cage was set up in the living room, and played with her till bedtime a few hours later.

Georgie wasn’t happy to go back in a cage, and had a hard time with one for a few months. I ended up not closing the cage anymore, because she spent her first year in one. She might have been about a year, when we got her. The nonprofit didn’t get any information about her hatch time, or even a name. PTSD came over her, and I wasn’t going to make her more miserable than she needed to be.

Now What, Georgie?

As a result, I worked with Georgie on everything to gain her trust; It was a hard battle for a long time. I kept the cage open, and sat next to her cage every day. She still loves when I sit as close to her as possible. Georgie also has abandonment anxiety, and it proves to be just as hard for her, as it is for someone who knows mental illnesses.

She has now started to pluck out her feathers from under her wings and on her chest. Her screaming was unbearable for the first year. With her being in a room full of other birds, screaming was the only language she knew how to speak. Many tears shed from not being able to calm her down, and the bites were worse. Beaks are their most communicative thing they have. Different calls for different things, and it includes biting. It’s something I have come to get used to, and can’t take it personally, or the relationship will never be established.

Our relationship is very intimate. You learn the language you put out, and you have to do it pretty fast. If you don’t have the right communication, you get bit. If they’re screaming, and you don’t know why, you get to hear the song of their people all day, every day; That is included with more biting. Like babies, they take a lot of work to understand what they need.

Georgie get bored too.

Toys are something that is learned to play with. Most birds will entertain themselves with what you give them, but Georgie prefers snuggles. She likes to chew on plastic baskets and buckets from Dollar Tree, but that’s most of what she’ll do. She has a play cage in the living room, a food cage, and wherever I tend to be at the moment. Her favorite place to be is in the bathroom. It has her baskets and buckets, plus running water if the shower gets turned on. I can’t use the sink, because it has been deemed to be hers(I’ve been brushing my teeth in the shower for a while now).

Georgie’s Toys

Color popsicle sticks are reserved for her play cage, and the food cage is to make sure she eats, or she won’t eat. She likes to watch TV, and especially, YouTube. Engaging with the sounds and soaking up the images are cute to watch. These are all flock things, which can be quite hard to accommodate to daily. She tells me when it’s bedtime by snuggling, and waiting for me to notice how tired she is. If I haven’t gotten the signal yet, she’ll fly over to play in her sink. She’ll also use it to just hang out. That’s her favorite pastime. I have to sit in the hallway across from the bathroom, if that’s where she wants me to be, which is, in her sight.

The food cage also has many functions. To hang out on top with her bucket or perch, and eats inside, while still hanging out. She won’t eat unless I’m in the room with her, so I had to come up with a solution to remind her she needs to eat. I have it on a bathroom cart, so I don’t have to place it on things like the kitchen table. It’s one of my favorite things I can do to make my day easier with a demanding bird. If she isn’t in the same room, she’ll scream until I call back with a whistle, or to fly over to make sure I didn’t leave without telling her. The cage needs to come with or she’ll panic with abandonment. Nap is a sad word; no naps for Jenni. It takes a flock to raise a fid.

She is amazing, and have never had such a connection with any other animal like this. If you have any questions, I’m here to answer them!


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