These are some loved affiliate links I get small percentages from at no cost to you. *I don’t recommend things I haven’t tried:

Dollar Tree:

My favorite Amazon links:

My favorite Amazon products:

I love my Dollar Tree stores. It just makes sense to be an affiliate with them.

Buy Your Crafting Supplies Now at The Dollar Tree!

Free Shipping to your Local Store

One of my favorite affiliates!

Discounted Prime for EBT and Medicaid cardholders

I love this for when I need something very specific, and don’t have it locally.

Best Sellers in Amazon Pantry Best Sellers in Office Products

I love my magnetic calendar! I like to have things in my face, when I have reminders to jot down. This is perfect on my desk whiteboard, and is so nice to have my week planned out for the blog.

If you are an elbow leaner on your desk, this will save some strain.

I use these things for everything! Chip clips, bag clips, to placing a sticky note to something. I find these everywhere, from always using them.

I was looking for something to top off my glass shelf. It needed something homey, and found this. It really makes the shelf look complete.

I was looking for a smaller shredder, than what is usually available in stores. this one is small enough to sit on your desk, and shreds papers in thirds, like the ones you would usually get in the mail.

This silicone heavy duty double stick tape has been so nice to have around. I wouldn’t use it on walls, since they will take with it where it was placed, but on things that need some good tape.

I didn’t realize I needed thread conditioner till I looked up things for floss to not get tangled. This reduces almost all tensions as you pull, goes through almost effortlessly, and even spent many many hours conditioning about 100 colors of floss; Unwound and Rewound.

These are the strongest magnets I have. I absolutely love them.

With a bird, I needed something that could be washed and rinsed easily. I did a lot of research to find something that wasn’t going to fall apart, like my other suggestion.

I have restless legs, and anxiety. I used to sleep with 3 heavy blankets, and still not have it heavy enough. I decided I needed a weighted blanket, after sweating to death at night. This also helps settle my muscles and bones, so the restlessness is made to relax.

This subscription is a great one for the tea lovers out there! It sends you different samples teas every month.

If you sew, this changed how I sew. I was trying to embroider, but things would slip through the ring. This helps with sturdiness and helps the thread go through neater.

I have tiny ear holes. If you or your children have smaller ears than the plugs earbuds come with, these changed my relationship with earbuds.

This is one of my favorite things from Amazon. I needed something that was a little more specific, when I write down my lists. This is a great treasure for someone who doesn’t remember what they need as soon as they walk through the store door.

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