Creating Jenni

Hey. I’m Jenni!

Creating Jenni is for those looking for a different approach to their jewelry; something a little more unique and simplistic.

I love to create anything with everything; seashells were something I already had, so I drilled. Buttons? Sure! Why not?

I like to make something every day, so all jewelry is one of a kind, and nothing is made twice. *Makers gonna make.

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Creative Blog

Creating Content: What It’s Like Being Creative.

Creating Content: What It’s Like Being Creative.

Being creative can be a blessing and a curse. It can help you in times of need or times where you don’t want to need it. You can sit around all day and think you’re being productive. At the same time, you’re a master procrastinator. 

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Burning Midnight Oil: Me Time

Burning Midnight Oil: Me Time

Are you a morning person or a night owl? I’m known to be a night oil and ask for everything to comprise in the afternoon. 

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Making Time To Create.

I have been getting burnt out, just from having a blog. This post will tell you all about it, and give you some tips I have used to make time to create.

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Creating a Blog!

This post is about creating a blog. It’s a small window into the 2 months of my website, and how I got here.

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