Welcome To My Blog!

Hello. My name is Jenni, and this is my bird, Georgie.. People always tell me to put my ideas on the internet, so I did. This is my creative lifestyle blog. I’m a 20-something with a budget, I like to make uses of things around the house, and something usually from Dollar Tree.

My ideas and creations posted on Sundays:

Making Time To Create.

I have been getting burnt out, just from having a blog. This post will tell you all about it, and give you some tips I have used to make time to create.

Creating a Blog!

This post is about creating a blog. It’s a small window into the 2 months of my website, and how I got here.

Dollar Tree Lady’s Plastic Bags:

These bags are one of my favorite things to brag about. It sounds quite silly, but they are a huge help in organizing, and can even see what’s in them.

Sewing Hacks:

I love some good life hacks. So, I decided to give some of mine to you.

This is Georgie.

This is Georgie. She is my Peach Front Conure, or others say Fronted. She is also my blog muse.

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